imagesDoge Candy Token


Doge Candy wants to reveal himself and his candies to the whole world by introducing Doge Candy Token. The sweetest crypto token and real edible "Doge" candies!! If you love anything "Doge" then you'll love Doge Candy, the next generation of Doge tokens. Doge Candy is making real world candy products and other digital & physical products around the "Doge" franchise. Using the multimedia "Doge" universe to bridge the blockchain with physical candy products. Doge Candy will also use part of the marketing wallet to donate to children and youth organisations. The final goal in the DC roadmap is to build a children's hospital. SUCH GOOD!!!



What Makes Doge Candy Token Special?

15% Buy/Sell Tax

5% Distributed to holders

4% To liquidity pool

3% To Marketing

2% To Donations

1% To the Burn Wallet



Create Website Presale

Launch Doge Candy Token

Apply for Coin Gecko

Apply for CMC

Contract Audit


Create NFT's Website

Release 10,000 NFT's for minting

List 10,000 NFT's into OpenSea

Verify NFT's Contract Address

Apply for OpenSea Verification

Aduit NFTs Contract


Create United Doge Force Token

Release UDF Animated Series

Premiere UDF Pilot Episode

Mega Giveaway

Brand Partnerships

Expand Marketing

imagesDoge Candy Team

Rajeep Subedi
Co-Founder/ NFT Developer & Creative Development

Also known as Mr.Nepal, Rajeep is a Computer Science & Web Development Student.

Graphic Designer

Alisha is professional graphic designer who work along with creating and designing NFTs character.

David Thomes
Community & Creative Development

David Thomsen is also known as The Doge Candy Man, A Australian based product marketer. David is a founder of Doge Candy.


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